Nancy Fulton is a writer/producer who has been profitably promoting and releasing her work, and the work of others, for more than twenty-five years. She’s also a serial entrepreneur who has started and run several content-based businesses, and she’s mentored thousands of working creatives who have followed her advice to profitably publish books, produce films, and run events.  She currently runs face to face and online events for more than 14,000 entertainment industry pros several times a month.

She launched because too many filmmakers sell the rights to their films to distributors who give them no input or control over release, take the lion’s share of the profits associated with rights sales while racking up nebulous expenses and offering inaccurate and/or infrequent accounting.

My objective is to help your achieve your objectives for your film.  If you want your documentary to get out there and change the world without putting you in the poorhouse, we’re on board.  If you want to prove your wicked horror film can sell out theaters before selling all it’s rights to one of the big international distributors, we’re here to help.  The vast majority of filmmakers don’t want to give their films away for less than they cost to make, yet most do. Most filmmakers want to repay their investors, please their audiences, and enjoy personal, professional, and financial reward for all their hard work. We’re here to help them do that. — Nancy Fulton

Getting Started

We work with filmmakers before, during, and after production to prepare their film for the best possible, and most profitable, release possible.

We work on a “fee-for-service” basis just like a UPM, DP, or casting director.

Engage us before production and we’ll get feedback on your project from film bookers and theater owners about how well they think your project will play to their audience. We will promote one or more versions of your trailer to your target markets and determine which one is most likely to generate ticket sales or downloads. We will determined the age, gender, and other demographics the project appeals to which will be important to ensuring the success of the project for years to come. All the data we provide you can be incorporated into your film business plan and private placement memoranda to help confirm that a good market for your film exists.

Engage us during production so we can work with you to ensure your film will be seen by audiences when as soon as it’s done. We’ll work with you to issue press releases, reach out to writers and editors, build a fan base who can’t wait to see the film, and make sure that when your film is in theaters you’ll be able to tell them where to find it.

Engage us in post production so we can ensure your film’s final cut is the cut that audiences like best.  The wisdom of crowds really can help you figure out how you can make your film clearer, more to the point, more persuasive, and more entertaining.  Even if you decide you like your “version” of a film best as an artist, you gain a lot of value from finding out what others see, feel, and think when they watch your film.  We can help you get that information, and we can help you use it to determine who your film should be actively marketed to.  For example, your thriller may work great for women 18-24, but not for men.  If that’s the case, let’s fill your first audiences with women 18-24 because if they love the film they will tell their friends who will watch the film and tell their friends.  Your first audiences for a film are critical.

Engage us after production when you want a theatrical release without having to give up other rights and revenues. We can help you with premieres in one or more cities as well as multi-city multi-week runs. If your film is a hit, you’ll earn money off your theatrical release and you’ll be in a great position to sign better distribution deals with established partners.

We’ll also connect you to services you can use to sell rights to distributors worldwide, release it on cable pay per view, make it available through Hulu, Netflix, iTunes, and sell it on Amazon, and we’ll work with you to sell the project overseas.

Questions? Email or call (310) 699-8122.

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