Below you’ll find an overview of the services we provide to independent film producers. You can use them all, or use just the one or two you need to “fill in the gaps” in your distribution plan.

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If you are unfamiliar with how service deal distribution works, and how it differs from “traditional” film distribution, we invite you to check out this overview. We look forward to being of service to you going forward.

Help Developing, Packaging & Funding Your Film

Developing and packaging your film means creating a “package” of script, cast, and crew that can produce a film audiences want to see. Funding your film requires presenting this package, wrapped in the correct legal framework, to investors who are ready, willing, and able to support it. Reach out if you need help building your film or documentary.

Premieres & Screenings

Running a red carpet premiere for your new movie or screening your already released film to reignite interest? Let us help you fill all those seats.  We can help ensure your event is a success by telling the right people where to see it.

Theatrical Release

We put your film in theaters nationwide. Whether you want nationwide screenings or full week releases we are here to help.

We work directly with theaters and film bookers to place your film where your audience lives then promotion, ticketing, and press invitations, to get your work the attention, and the reviews, it deserves.

You retain ownership of your film and the freedom to negotiate wider release as desired.

A good platform theatrical release makes your film more valuable to buyers in the US and around the world.

Arranging Profitable Cable, Pay Per View, Premium Web Channel, & Overseas Distribution

Need someone to help you license your film to other buyers domestically and overseas? We have the contacts and resources required to help you.

Press & PR

We issue press releases, reach out to writers and editors to create buzz on your project, and can even arrange radio interviews for the filmmakers we support.

If you’re doing a direct-to-digital release getting the right buzz translates directly into people buying your film on iTunes, Netflix, Hulu, etc.


In order to market your film effectively you must have a website that shows your trailer, provides interesting information about the cast and crew, and tells people where they can go to see the film in person or online. A good website may also offer opportunities to purchase books, posters and other merchandise which increase revenues and provide additional promotion.

We can get your film’s attractive and easy-to-update website online in 24 hours.

Search Engine Marketing

One of the reasons new filmmakers struggle so hard to find their audience is that when people search for them or their film by name on Google, they aren’t listed first or even on the first page.

There’s only so much effort anyone is going to put into looking for a film or filmmaker they’ve heard about.  Members of the media (writers, editors, interviewers, etc) frequently research films and filmmakers before publishing and releasing information about them and it is important to ensure they see the data you want them to see. You do this by controlling what Google shows them.

We make finding you and your film easy, and we help you control what people learn about your project through Google.

Social Media Marketing

We promote your film swiftly and effectively on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, etc.  In addition to filling seats in theaters, our social media marketing can help you ensure that when your film becomes available on Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, etc. you’ll have people who are ready, willing, and able to watch it online.

Perhaps just as important, the audience we collect for your first film can easily become the first audience you introduce to your second film.

Successful filmmakers build and grow their audiences over time.  We can help you do that.


Most of the world’s most successful films make most of their money not from ticket sales, but from merchandise related to their film.

We work with a host of on-demand services which can start delivering product to customers within 24 hours.  Posters, T-shirts, Aprons, Hats, and more. Our providers don’t require you to pay for products you may never sell. Everything is produced and shipped swiftly on demand and you retain 100% ownership of the intellectual property used to create it.

We can also help you publish your script and artwork as a book on Amazon, turn it into a Kindle book, or release it as a graphic novel.  Great merchandise translates into more revenue for your production company and great marketing as well.

We know a hundred ways for you to earn more from your work and the content created as you produced your film.

We Are Here to Help You Thrive

Everyday filmmakers tell us “I just want to make movies.  I hate sales and marketing…”

Well we don’t.  We love it.  We think the best thing on earth is telling the world about the wonderful work our customers do. We look forward to telling the world about you and your film.

Let’s Get Started

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