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What’s it Cost?

Service deal distributions vary as much as producers do and they cost whatever you want to spend.  What’s important is that a good service deal distribution is:

  • Fast
  • Profitable
  • Career Building
  • Enhances the Financial Value of Your Film
  • Boosts Your Career Because Your Film is Seen
  • Achieves Other Societal Objectives You and Your Investors Had for the Production

If you’re just starting to build your project, reach out to us to get an analysis of service deal distribution requirements, costs and estimated revenues to add to your production budget.

That lets you tell your investors that you can guarantee commercial release of the film. If you are currently in production, or have a finished film, reach out to us to see how we can turn your investment into something financially rewarding to you and your funders. We have solutions that will work for most productions.

Shouldn’t I Just Find a Distributor Who Will Release My Film?

Let’s think about a few scenarios . . .

  • Worse Case Scenario:  Your film is a bad film and there is no market for it. It might be the case that your film is worse than Human Centipede and there is no market at all for it in any media in any country.  Then you would do well to put the film away in a box and forget you ever made it or release it on youtube and earn money from ad-clicks. You don’t want to throw good money after bad.
  • Bad Case Scenario: There’s a market for your film but no distributor will touch it because they don’t know how to reach that market.  This happens with lots of documentaries and low budget feature films.  In this case you have already paid to produce a film and you’re going to earn nothing unless you can find an audience for your film and get them to pay you to see it.  That’s something we can help you do.  In this case you’re making a small investment in marketing in order to make the investment you’ve already made in your film pay off.
  • Normal Scenario: You’ve made a marketable film, you’ve had interest from distributors, but the deals they are offering you are very bad. They provide no money up front, require a P & A spend you have no control over, and you aren’t sure they are going to actively market your film at all. If you work with us, you’ll spend a small quantity of money to find the market for your film, you’ll retain all rights, and you’ll make revenue from a variety of sources.
  • Best Case Scenario: You’ve made a great film. Everyone who sees the trailer wants to see the film. Distributors are offering a better deal (or not) but the terms of the deal are still bad in the sense that you aren’t getting much if anything up front for your film and you’re losing complete control of it. Remember that on a film that earns $200K in theatrical release a traditional distributor is going to take $150K on average.  You can invest money in a platform release in 2-10 theaters, sell out some shows, and earn a significant profit. It might cost you $2K to rent a 500 seat theater, $1K in advertising to fill it, and you’ll earn $7500, which is a $4K profit. If you can generate $2K-$4K+ profit per screen (as films like Big Fat Greek Wedding and Passion of the Christ did) then distributors will be offering you a significantly better deal.

The point is, planning for a service deal distribution when you budget your film, or executing one after you’ve produced a film because you can’t get a distribution deal you like, is pretty much always good business.

It’s unquestionably bad business to hand your film off to a distributor who isn’t going to market it effectively and who is going to take the lion’s share of all revenues. Doing this guarantees a loss for your investors and makes it much harder for you to make your next film.

What’s the Process?

Reach out to us about your film and your objectives for it. We’ll build a solution that helps you achieve your objectives based upon your budget, your film, your audience, and what you want to do next.